Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

We believe that through engaging our stakeholders such as portfolio companies, industry bodies, LPs and peers, we are better able to fulfil our responsible investment commitment, exchange knowledge on ESG best practices and enhance standards across the private equity industry.

Portfolio Company

Our ESG CEO Roundtable is the forum through which we engage with our portfolio companies and exchange knowledge on ESG topics. In 2021, we held our inaugural ESG CEO Roundtable where a group of 50 C-level executives from our portfolio companies and Affinity senior investment professionals participated to exchange knowledge on topics such as ESG and climate change. The session garnered much positive feedback with portfolio cross learnings and CEOs taking actionable steps on developing their ESG strategy. We will continue to hold the ESG CEO Roundtable and conduct one to one engagements on ESG with our portfolio companies.


We participate in industry events to exchange knowledge on ESG and encourage our portfolio companies to do so. Our Firm is a member of the HKVCA ESG Committee and SVCA ESG Committee, and our team regularly speaks at industry events on ESG.  Our portfolio companies have also been active participants in industry forums to share ESG best practices.  In 2021, Trimco Group CEO, Amy Wan, was invited to speak at a webinar on “Enabling Traceability and Transparency in Supply Chains”, hosted by SGInnovate and moderated by Bain & Company.  Shinhan Financial Group (“Shinhan”) was invited to the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), held in the UK, as a representative of financial institutions in Asia where Shinhan's CEO, Cho Yong-byoung, presented an outline of Shinhan's ESG strategy, shared how financial institutions can help counter climate crises, and called for participation of the global community.


We engage with our LPs on ESG, through industry events and one-to-one discussions. Through this dialogue, we have been able to gather good feedback on our ESG approach and understand key topics that are top of mind for our LPs, such as climate change and diversity and inclusion.